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Vintage Wooden Dough Board


Vintage Wooden Dough Board. Perfect as a fruit bowl or to display flowers or plants. You could also use this as a decorative centre piece for a dining room or outdoor table.



Vintage Wooden Dough Board

We really love this vintage wooden dough board, sometimes also called a dough bin. They are a versatile item which can be used as a fruit bowl, to display flowers and plants, or as the centre piece for a kitchen or outdoor table. One item many uses.

We understand that these items were hand crafted and used to make bread, and were traditionally used to mix and then prove dough before baking. Regardless – they make a stunning centre piece with natural wood lines which will enhance any table.


We have a number of these beautiful items in stock. This item measures:

65.5 cm long

44 cm wide

15 cm deep

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