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Vintage French Enamel Canisters


A set of six vintage French enamel canisters in a deep russet colour with white & gold detailing.  Great for using as they were intended or as I have done with my own is to plant them up with herbs & keep them in the kitchen.

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An original set of six vintage French Enamel canisters.  They are gradual in size starting with Sucre all the way down to Epices which is the smallest.  They have a thin gold line above and below the white banding which may not be clear on the photo’s. All the canisters are in good solid condition.  There are a few chips of enamel which is due to their age, but all adding to their character.

The six canisters are for Sugar, Coffee, Flour, Pasta, Tea & Spices.


Starting with Sucre which is the largest

14 cm high

12 cm wide

The smallest is Epices

9 cm high

8 cm wide

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